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How we got started in horses: Abby

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This is the story of how I got started in horses. Or currently, mules. 

I give credit to the film "the black stallion" for beginning my love affair with the equine world. Watching Alec Ramsey and his black stallion Shetan fly over the sandy beach of their desert island captured my heart as if I was riding Shetan myself. What blew my mind most of all was the fact that you could befriend such a wild creature. Growing up in suburbia I knew firsthand the loyalty and love of pet dogs, but only could only imagine the bond between human and horse. 

Horses truly ruled my imagination. Instead of barbies, herds of wild horses thundered down carpeted hallways and leaped over household obstacles like books, narrowly dodging their foes: carnivorous stuffed animals. 

During middle school my cousins got their own horses. At their barn was one boarder, an Arabian pony named Razz. I loved this little chestnut with all my heart. I remember being vehemently jealous of his owner and felt that I understood him more than her. With gentle but firm guidance I could bring his fat little body to speed while she needed the aid of the crop to motivate him. In my mind, he really belonged to me. 

Time passed, and my cousins exchanged their horses for college. I put aside the world of horses as well. I had no idea how to get connections, where to take lessons, etc. It just felt like it wasn't meant to be. However, what followed was many years of feeling lost. I am not the type of person who can be content dividing my time between God, family, work & rest. I need a passion to keep me feeling alive. My spirit is too restless otherwise. 

During college, my roommate and good friend Christine asked if I would want to work at Camp Carl with her. We would work at the horse barn together. I was really hoping that I would get the job. Spending all summer outside with horses? Count me in! God truly blessed me, and I was hired at the end of my interview. I worked there three summers in a row. 

When I started working there, I told myself not to humanize the horses, that the bonds I had seen in movies and shows were just what people wanted to believe. I didn't want to be naive and then disappointed. How those camp horses, and later mules, would prove me wrong! The horses I have befriended there remain my friends to this day. Later, I would meet Jeremiah the camp mule and own my own mule, Dan. But those are blog posts for another day. Horses & mules have taught me that not only do they value good, fair, kind leaders, but they will also value you as a friend. 

I attended Liberty University for four years down in Virginia. After my last summer at Camp ended, I finished my last year of college I took online courses so I could be at home. I found a part time job at Discount Stable December, 2013. I really enjoyed my job there, and eventually they hired my full time as a Marketing & Retail Sales Associate. Working here has been such a blessing! I am finally immersed in the horse world, and learn something new everyday. Talking to customers about their equines is the highlight of my day. 

That's the short version of how I started and ended in the horse/mule world (: 

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