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How we got started in horses......

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Welcome to our Discount Stable/Horse Treats Blog....we will tell you about ourselves, give you tricks that we have discovered, and talk about some of our great products that we have used and found helpful.

Well I am going to start our blog this week with some insights of where we came from in the horse world.

When I was two, I rode my first horse at Marko's Quarter Horses in Mogadore....more than likely it was on one of Steve Senior's great loves.......I was hooked! I would make my dad stop the car while driving at the side of the road, just so I could look at the horses eating grass in a field.

Fast-forward 9 years to age 11. Every weekend I would cut out every ad that stated "Riding Lessons" and one day my mom said "Ok, but we are not buying you a horse". That was truly the beginning...... I went every week and learned something new every time........grooming, stall cleaning, how to trim feet, how to clean a sheath and all about riding.....and I stuck with it.

The horse I fell in love with was "Dandy" aka Mr Poco Royalty. He was a sorrel Quarter Horse and stood all of 14.3hh. He was my first love back then. For two years we learned all kinds of things together and I looked forward to every lesson that I got to spend time with him. Terri bought Dandy as a project yearling, with the plans of selling him when he was going well enough to be sold. He was three years old and that time came....I was now 13, changed schools and I was so sad that my friend would be leaving me to move on to his next phase in life. Terri said that he was going to a young girl and it was time for him to move on. I knew he would love to have a girl all his own, but it was such a hole in my heart. After my last lesson on him, the night he would be leaving to go to his new home, I groomed him and hugged him and told him how much I would miss him. When my parents came to pick me up, Terri met them with me at the picnic table and she had an envelope in her hand. She handed it to me and started to cry. As I opened it, there were his papers and a beautiful note saying that he was now MY horse!!! I was so excited beyond words that my parents would buy him for me and I was his girl!!!

We had many fun times and great adventures and he did everything I ever asked of him. He took me through 4-H and was the best Trail Class horse. We did some jumping and horse trials and even some barrel racing and cow work.

Our lives came back full circle to Mogadore and Marko's Quarter Horses.....where I learned about raising and training babies and Dandy taught them to lead and was the best pony horse and babysitter. He was only 23 when he had so many complications from Cushing’s and founder that I had to say goodbye to my friend I will always remember that little red horse with the biggest heart of all!

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